DIY Egg Shaped Easter String Basket

As I said it is not to early to get started on Easter projects. And our second project for 2014 is a great one: DIY egg shaped Easter string basket. I admit, that it is quite a little bit of work but the final result will be an awesome one. If you want I can let you know on the short version: take a balloon. Blow it up. Use flour + water and make a white paste. Buy string or yarn. Put the white mixture into a bowl. Wet the string or yarn. Start wrapping the balloon. And wrap, wrap, wrap and wrap. Let it dry. When dry, take a pair of scissors and cut an hole. Use different decorations to decorate your egg shaped Easter basket. This is the short version!! To discover the long version including all the supplies needed and all instructions visit “HMH Designs”. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..


HMH Designs – Make An Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String


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