DIY Family Birthdays Calendar

Craft ideas will help you come up with ideological ways to create projects that will help you have a fresh perspective of how you view things in your family. Today we focus on DIY ideas surrounding your birthdays (yours and that of your whole family). DIY family birthdays calendar is one of the best ways you can remind everyone when there is a birthday in advance so that you can holistically or individually prepare for the grate day! Let’s learn how you can make this craft come to life…

 Materials needed: Acrylic paint in a variety of colours; Wood (in circles) the most reasonable sizes are 1-½ x 3/16 inches (these should be plenty for every individual as well as for every event you plan on including); Wood (in rectangles) 1 3/8 x 1¾ x 3/16 inches; Brush paint; Thin wooden letters; Sharpie paint pen; Drill; Large wooden sign; Eyelet hooks; Wood glue; Fabric; Razor blade; Mod Podge; List made up of dates; Jump rings (round) 12mm.

Instructions: Begin by drilling 1/16th holes both on the bottom and the top of every rectangular and circular piece of wood. See to it that the holes are directly opposite on each other. After you are done with drilling the holes, divide the circular and rectangular pieces into families and assign a different colour to each piece. If you can, try and use colours that complement one another. After the paint dries off, take the Sharpie paint pen and start writing the name and date of birth on every circle. Just write only the date in numeric form, reason being every circle will hang under the specific month and it’s good to avoid overcrowding and clutter. After the paint dries out, classify the circles in their respected months and store them away for they will be used a little later.

 Creating the Sign – This is the part where you are allowed to let your creative juices flow… if you wish you can use grey paint and use wooden letters that will form the word “Family”. To make sure that the letters blend in the surroundings you can paint either side of the wooden letters. Now use the Mod Podge down on the letters and carefully curve out a square of fabric which will be able to cover the letters. Allow the Mod Podge to dry off for twenty minutes. Afterwards you can use a razor blade and carefully cut of excess fabric covering the letters. Now use yet another layer of Mod Podge to seal the fabric. Now you can arrange the letters on the sign and use wood glue to fix every letter on the sign you’ve just created.

 Month Squares – After you are done with the sign, the next step involves making the month squares. To make the project fun, you can decorate every month based on what’s its best known for!

 Forming the project – The last step now involves putting everything together. Carefully space out the twelve eyelet hooks and use every rectangular piece of wood by attaching it to an eyelet hook. You can use jump rings (round) and attach every circles by their date order. When it comes to hanging the project, there are various alternatives: you can either use a ribbon or add frame hooks at the back. Whichever hanging method you opt for, your DIY family birthdays calendar will surely stand out! Enjoy!!!





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