DIY Felt Ball Mat Tutorial

Instead of sitting at home getting all bored and wondering what to do, you can engage yourself in fun DIY art projects that will not only keep you busy but open the flood gates for your creative juices to flow instead of just trickling down.

DIY felt ball mat tutorial is part of DIY fun projects to do at home and enhance the colors and the beauty that is your home. These are fantastic DIY ideas that you can teach your children and help them also learn how craft ideas work in their favour! Let us learn how to make an adorable DIY felt ball mat.

 You will need the following materials: dish soap & water, turf wool, A needle and thread (nylon), plastic containers, paper towels and most important time and a lot of patience.

 Creating the Mat – Start by squirting dish soap in a container and fill up the container with water that is a bit warm. In another container, fill it up with cold water. Now take turf wool using your hands, bunch it together and form a ball. Now dip the ball in the warm soapy water. Take out the ball and squeeze out the water. Take the soggy turf of wool and put it in the middle part of your palm and use the other hand to roll the wool in a circular movement. The next thing you ought to do is dip it inside cold water rinsing it and the longer you roll the ball the denser and smaller it becomes. Do this to the rest of the balls you will use for your creation. Try your best to even the balls. But know that different types of wool will always have a different feel. Collect the balls of wool in a bucket or paper bag until you reach the number of balls you believe to be enough for the size of mat you wish to create. After collecting enough balls, spread them on the floor to see whether you have made enough for the size of rug you want.

 Stringing The Balls – Before the balls dry off completely, you can start stringing them. It’s way easier to poke holes when the balls are still wet. The stringing process is quite easy, add one ball and add another one by one. Try your best to form a circle and go with the circle till you have finished three layers. On the final ball tie a strong knot so that your mat can hold in place and not disentangle when stepped on! Enjoy!!!


Felt Ball Mat Tutorial Praktic Ideas

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