DIY Fire Truck Bunk Bed

If you really love your kids, there are plenty of DIY Ideas that will help you come up with fun projects to do at home. Craft ideas are wonderful “praktic ideas” that you can involve your children in making projects such as the DIY Fire truck Bunk bed and they will be ecstatic! Let us look at the fastest yet safest way to create a quality and durable DIY Fire Truck Bunk Bed.

 Necessary Materials & Tools – ply wood, bolts, wood filler, wood glue, paint & paint brush, safety glasses, measuring tape, jigsaw & circular saw & compound miter saw & jigsaw, hammer, pencil square, countersink drill bit & drill & nailer & sander & level & hearing protection.

 Process – Fire Truck Loft Bed: begin with cutting out the front panel. If you wish to proceed and paint the plywood at first, then place the white square around the window. Now proceed and add the legs on the outside. You can start nailing from the back side and carefully hide away the nail holes. Keep both the bottom edges and the outside part flush. Start adding railings on the top side. Use a Kreg Jig drill three quarter pocket holes all the while facing downwards alongside the bottom edges of the railings and cautiously attach them to the plywood. Start trimming out windows and also the doors. If you are able to start building frames separately and proceed and attach a single piece. The trim remains optional but if you wish you can add it for the ladder’s side and it accords you the spot you need to start and also stop painting. To make the wheel you can use 14 inches round and cut off their bottom six inches to develop the wheel. To make the wind shield side, leave a 2 and a half inch strip of plywood at the centre of the windshield trim.

 Finishing Instructions – The holes that you have managed to make during the construction now need to be filled with wood filler and leave them to dry. Apply additional wood filler coats as it is needed. When the wood filler dries up completely start sanding you creation with 120 grit sandpaper. Now vacuum the sanded project to remove any impending sanding residual. Use a damp cloth to wipe the complete project. After painting it, you will now start working on the lights and other fixtures to make it complete. Enjoy!!!

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