DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Cartons

Many people are nowadays taking up fun art projects to improve the look in their homes/building/garden using unique interesting things. These craft projects are only possible thanks to wonderful DIY Ideas. Craft ideas such as DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Cartons will not only help you recycle products, but are great practik ideas that you can perfect and earn a living from (call it a side business). Let’s learn how to make the lights light up!


  • Egg Cartons 3 to six cartons (Styrofoam or any other material)
  • Christmas Lights
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Hot Glue (An optional Material)
  • A pair of Scissors


  • Begin by cutting off the lid covering the egg carton. Save the lid for use later.
  • Cut off any excess Styrofoam pieces.
  • You will be left with the real egg carton without the extra bits.
  • Take the pair of scissors once more and start cutting the middle of the egg carton. You will have two separate pieces of the once whole egg carton.
  • Move on to cut the individual sections of the egg carton. These are the sections that we’ll use to make the flowers.
  • Trim off the individual carton ends and make them look like a flower. You can make different shapes and sizes of petals.
  • If you decide to make tulips, smoothen the top of the different egg cartons.
  • After having cut all your flowers in the shapes you desire, the next phase is to paint them.
  • You can use any acrylic paint color you wish.
  • Pour your paint in the carton lid.
  • Use a paint brush to paint the exterior and the interior parts of your flower.
  • Next step is to cut and shape your flowers, use a sharp razor or artist’s knife to make small x’s on the flowers bottom.
  • Next pick the Christmas lights you made and poke them in the flower (the bulb should go through the inside of the flower). Do this to all the flower pieces you have created.
  • You can now hang your flowers where you wish the lights to light up

Your project is almost done. Find a suitable power source and plug in your lights and put them on. Your beautiful DIY Flower Lights Using Egg Carton project is done!! Enjoy!!!



flower lights made from egg cartons


Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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