DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder

Yet another wonderful fun DIY art projects. Great for fall season when the light arrive more sooner than expected and you want to add little flickers of light that is interesting to light up the dark parts of your garden. Again who doesn’t love the combination of candles and plants? These are actually fun and wonderful fun DIY projects to do at home. Great DIY ideas that allow you to create a planter which also doubles up as a candle holder. The wonderful craft ideas make the planters come out looking brilliant especially when they have been converted into a stylish and lavish lighting option that you can incorporate in your outside property or garden by using a simple yet amazing DIY flower pot candle holder trick.

 You will need the following materials: two flower pots: one a large one and a small one, soil, pea gravel, huge candles, flowers, glass hurricane.

 How to make this craft idea come to life: Start by filling the bottom of the large pot with one to two inches of soil. Now drop the smaller pot inside at the centre position of the bigger pot. See to it that you fill up the larger pot with more soil and even out the rims.  Use pea gravel to fill up the pot in the centre and surround it with soil. You can now place plants on the outer ring of the soil. Place your candle in the gravel, make sure you plant it in a way it hold tightly and now cover it with a glass hurricane. The beauty is that during the times when the evening wanes, all you have to do is bring in the candle as well as the hurricane. The planter will easily drain water and will always be able to hold the candle. Enjoy!!!



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