DIY Flowers Using Plastic Bottles

There are so many DIY ideas and projects that you can make using plastic bottles: starting from flower  pots, different decorations, piggy banks and also chandeliers. But today’s DIY project it’s a little bit different: turn a plastic bottle into a flower. Its true, it will not have any smell but it will look very nice as a decoration in your home.

You will need: plastic bottles, a lighter or any other source of fire, different colors of permanent markers, a drilling machine, a pair of scissors.

Follow the instructions: Cut the end or the bottom of the plastic bottle. The bottom of the plastic bottle will be the base / petals of the flower. Cut the remaining piece of the glass on one side. Spread it and cut out a piece of plastic shaped like a flower. You can use a template to help you cut the perfect plastic flower. Use the lighter or fire source and warm the edges of the plastic bottles and try to shape them like flower petals. Color the two part of the flower with two different colors using the permanent markers. Using the drilling machine pierce both sides of the flower right in the center. Glue them together or tie them together and glue a pebble or a bead in the middle and ta da!! Enjoy!!



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