DIY Funny Food Art: Octopus Sausages

When it comes to food art you need two important “ingredients”: a lot of creativity with no limits and of course the most important, imagination. When you say food art you mean amazing and funny “foodscapes” meant to make your every breakfast or snack funny but also delicious. But enough with all the food art!! Let’s get back to reality and discover the next DIY idea: DIY octopus sausages. Are these sausage cute or what?! Beside being so cute these octopus are so easy to make. You will only have to cut the ends and cook them in hot oil.

You will need the following ingredients: six hot dogs, one tbsp of oil, one bamboo skewer.

Follow the instructions: Take one hot dog. Using a sharp knife slice the ends (one and a half inch). Using the same knife slit the non rounded ends of the hot dogs. The end that you have cut must be facing up. Now make an horizontal cut across the sausage face. Add the oil in a pan over medium to low heat. You will have to place the sausages sideways in the pan. You will see that the sausages “legs” will turn brown, bloom and curl. In order to get rid of the excess oil you will have to place the sausages on paper towels. Use the bamboo skewer to poke the sausages eyes. Also, use the same sharp knife to make the “moth”. Serve them warm. Enjoy!!!

Note: Bellow you can discover other food art / sausages ideas. Enjoy!!!



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