DIY Galaxy Twist Bleach T-Shirt Using A Brush

There a lot of fun art projects that we can all try and make a difference in our lives. Practik ideas continue to be invented to help us get in touch with our creative side. Many DIY Ideas have turn from being just home projects into thriving businesses. DIY projects such as DIY galaxy twist T-Shirt using a brush are wonderful craft projects that we should all give a try. Besides, these are safe and ingenious craft projects to do at home and you can ask your family (your kids) to help you with this project. Let’s learn how to make a DIY galaxy twist T-Shirt using a brush…

 You will need the following materials:

  • A Black T-Shirt (cotton t-shirt)
  • White Paint
  • Painting Brush
  • Bleach

 Follow the instructions: 

  • Start by laying out a black T-Ahirt on top of a big plastic garbage bag. The inside of your T-Shirt should be lined up with plastic also. The plastic will prevent paint and bleach from dripping to your floor, and also will prevent them from bleeding through the shirt.
  • Mix the bleach with water. Use a spray bottle to combine three parts of water using seven parts bleach. Shake the bottle well and ensure that the liquids have mixed well.
  • Do not use undiluted bleach, it has the possibility of chewing fabric away. Now spray the bleach on the T-Shirt, use random but be cautious as you spray the bleach solution.
  • You can spray closely and spray further apart. Spraying bleach close to other bleach spots creates an illusion of connected star clusters. Spraying the spots a little further creates an illusion of depth and distance.
  • The bleach will help your black T-Shirt have a rusty red-orange color. Spray a little on the shirt. Some of the areas on the T-Shirt should remain black so that the galaxy pattern is highlighted.
  • The galaxy star cluster should fall in the middle. Twist the fabric at the T-Shirt’s middle and liberally spray the center of the twist using bleach.
  • Now leave your tee to dry naturally or use a hair dry to dry it. Leave the tee in the sun and let it dry off completely.
  • Now wash and dry the T-Shirt. Rinse it in lukewarm water and allow it to air dry. Washing puts a stop to the spreading of bleach and your material will not be eaten up.
  • Start by splashing white fabric paint on the shirt. Dip a stiff paint brush in a bucket of white fabric paint and carefully flick off the paint from the brush by pulling the bristles back and releasing the bristles quickly on the shirt.
  • Fabric paint should be used if you don’t want the paint to wear off. Try your best to concentrate the paint flacks around the bleached star clusters that you’ve designed. Several stray stars are okay, but see to it they fall near the bleached portion of the shirt.
  • You can add several large paint dots. They will help you achieve a constellation effect if you drip several large paint or bleach blobs at several points around the shirt.

Adding Stars

 Finishing Touches

  • Using a sponge add several more colors. Add a few purple, blue and yellow spots. Dab the colors lightly around the edges of the star clusters and in the midst of the white-speckled stars.
  • For this step, its best that you should use acrylic paint. You will achieve a look that is translucent and it will bring out the desired effect.
  • Use water for the purpose of blurring colors. Smoothen and lighten the paint by using a water soaked sponge.
  • Dry, rinse, dry and rinse once more, leave your tee dry flat overnight and rinse it in the morning with cold water and air dry it. Your galaxy t-shirt is ready! Enjoy!!!


Galaxy Twist Bleach Using A brush


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