DIY Galaxy Twist Bleach / Tie Dye T-Shirt

Designer Laurie Eaton brought this awesome idea to us: DIY galaxy twist bleach / tie dye T-Shirt that you can make in your very own home. This DIY amazing idea is bringing you all the details on how you can create your very own original galaxy T-Shirt.

You will need the following materials: a colored T-Shirt (blue, dark blue, black, even dark green), a pair of scissors, a spray bottle, bleach, “Tulip One – Step Spray Dye Kit”, “Tulip Fabric Spray Paint” and “Tulip Surface Cover”.

Instructions: In order that the bleach to “penetrate” best the T-Shirt material before you begin wash / dry the T-Shirt. Put inside the T-Shirt a cardboard or a plastic surface so the bleach won’t reach the back part of the T-Shirt. Protect your working surface with surface cover so that the bleach won’t destroy your furniture. Add the T-Shirt on the working station. Use your forefinger and between thumb and pinch the T-Shirt twisting it into a spiral. Take the spray bottle and add bleach and water in proportion of 50 / 50. Spray lightly the T-Shirt with the solution. Let bleach on T-Shirt until it reaches the color you want (lightness). Wash the T-Shirt so you can remove all the bleach from it. You can wash it even in the washing machine. Take another spray bottle and mix the spray with water until you reach the color you want. Spray the mixture on the design from the bleached T-Shirt as you want. Use a plastic cover and place it over the T-Shirt and let it sit over night. The next day wash / dry the T-Shirt accordingly with the instructions from the dye packaging. Make start on the T-Shirt by spraying “Snow Fabric Spray” on the bleached surface. Let it dry. Also, let 72 hours pass until you wash that T-Shirt again. Enjoy!!!


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  1. Refashion Tutorials says:

    I’ve been seeing Laurie Eaton’s name come up a lot lately. She has some amazing designs which I’ve taken advantage of when trying to make a boring t-shirt or other fabric more interesting before I start cutting and twisting and sewing it into something else altogether.

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