DIY Garden Table Using Wooden Pallets

Are you a lover of DIY fun art projects? Well you will love this one, a DIY garden table using wooden pallets. Yes, instead of just letting the pallets sit and take up all your space in the garage, you can actually turn the wooden pallets into something useful and avoid the costs of having to buy furniture for your garden! This is just one of the crazy DIY craft ideas that will make you see a different perspective about nature and how we can use unwanted materials to conserve and add glam to our homes! This is definitely a part of fun art projects to do at home!

DIY Ideas (The Pallets) – You can use a pile of wooden pallets to create a decent coffee table and create a garden at the middle and keep it outdoors. Those shipping crates that you have not had any use for now become valuable to you! Begin by picking out the right tools for the job. Pick a harmer, drills, screw driver, chisel and get started by deconstructing the boards carefully not to crack them up nor split them. After having pulled two pallets apart, measure out 2 x4 sized boards and create a rectangular frame in which you shall use for attaching the right table legs. When it comes to creating the top of the coffee table, you’ll have to come up with three sections. Use two flat boards to create the right side of the top and use three boards to create the left side of the table. Now at the centre of the three boards sink in a rectangular box like feature using parts of the pallet to create a depression (boxed) that runs from one end of the table to the other end. Now you can join all the boards together and form a table.

Paint Job – After having affirmed that the table is strong and can hold its position on the ground firmly without swaying, its time you painted the table so that it can look great. Pick which ever colour you wish the table to be and paint the first coat. After the basic coat had dried up you should now use yet another two coats to make the paint work standing. Leave the table to dry off in the coolness of the covered patio for at-least 24 hours before you start your planting.

Planting Day – You should start by dividing the plants you wish to plant in your garden. Use the drill to drill 3/8 inch holes of the bottom part of your garden. Put in soil a few inches high and start your plantation. You can start by planting the cactus mix (Sedum, Sempervivum and Orostachys iwarenge). To make the whole garden stable add soil to hold your plants in position and use pebbles (the size of peas) to dress the top and stabilize the garden. Also, instead of planting flowers you can add an ice tray (deep one) in the middle of the table and have the perfect “outdoor fridge” for the next BBQ that you are planning. Enjoy!!!



Garden Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers:




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