DIY Glitter Ornaments For Christmas

What is best at this DIY idea is that you can do it together with your kids. Material and supplies needed: glass ornaments /different colors of fine glitter / floor wax / plastic wrap / ribbon


Instructions: Take the ornaments hangers out of the ornaments. Put some floor wax inside the ornaments. Make sure that the inside of the ornaments will take a fine coat of floor wax. After this put the remaining floor wax from the inside of the ornaments back to the original container. Using a paper cone start adding glitter inside the ornaments. By rolling the ornaments around the glitter will start to coat on the inside. Cover the opening of the ornaments and shake the glitter. Put the glitter back in the original glitter container just by placing the “neck” of the ornament over the container. Your DIY idea is almost over that is why you can put the ornaments hangers back in. Personalize it by adding ribbons or any other decorations you love. Happy crafting!!!


Glitter Ornaments Without the Mess
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