DIY Glow In The Dark Jars

Instead of tossing away those old jars “spice” them with a little glow in the dark paint! You can use your “new”  jar decorations when you are organizing a garden party or on movie nights. The top three “ingredients” for this DIY project are: glow in the dark paint (you can use also sticks), jars (different shapes and sizes) and water. You have to be very careful because this paint is pretty dangerous (poisonous) so please do not let your kids play with it and also wear gloves during the creation process. If you are using glow stick also be very careful: after you filled the jars with water take the glow sticks, broke them or cut them and mix them with the water from each container. Also, you can make glow in the dark jars without using water. Just take the glow sticks and cut open, put into a jar, add a little bit of glitter, put the lid back on the jar and just sake. Your amazing sparkly jars are all done. Enjoy!



Photo Credit: http://www.lilblueboo.com


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