DIY Glowing Party Balloons

What to throw a party in the back yard?! Did you spent days and days thinking at those original and creative party decorations that will help you decorate the back yard. Don’t go to the store and by expensive party decorations. We have the perfect solution for you: glowing balloons. Do I need to mention that these decorations are very cheap to make? All you need is: a lot of colorful balloons, glow sticks (mini ones), ribbons and helium. Before you get started its good to know that the average life of an glowing stick is up to eight hours. Use a mini glowing stick for each balloon. Drop the sticks in each balloon before you blow them up. Use helium to fill the balloons. Tie a ribbon to each balloon. You can use the balloons as pool decorations also. If you want to use them as pool decorations the only condition is not to fill them with helium. And voila!!! Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.diyprojectsjournal.com

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3 Responses to "DIY Glowing Party Balloons"

  1. kate says:

    This looks really cool but the directions are unclear. First it says to fill the balloons with helium, then it says not to fill them with helium. Can you clarify?

    • andytm07 says:

      If you want to use the balloons as pool decorations than you can not fill them with helium because it will fly away. So, if you want to “hang” the balloons all around the garden fill them with helium. If you want to use them as pool decorations without helium

    • Liah says:

      They are quite clear. If wanting to use in the pool do n

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