DIY Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles

We have made several DIY craft projects that included plastic bottles but never have made a big DIY project that included lots and lots of plastic bottles. Before you get started with this DIY project you must know that at first you will need a big space to deposit all of those empty plastic bottles that in the end will be turned into a lovely greenhouse. Also, what is best is that at the end of this project you will have not one but two projects meaning: the first one is to turn all of those plastic bottles into a greenhouse and the second to turn all those bottles tops into something creative like a beautiful table top. So, lets head over to “Ana White Homemaker” blog and discover all details, “ingredients” and instructions to make an awesome DIY greenhouse using lots and lots of plastic bottles. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..

Ana White – Plastic Bottles Green House Build Guide


Plastic Bottle Green House


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