DIY Gutter Hanging Garden

Do you love creating fun art projects? If you do and you would love your home to look great why not think outside the box and create gutter hanging garden with the below mentioned DIY ideas? Gutter ideas are a great way of taking advantage of vertical spaces that are all over your home and turning them into wonderful garden ideas. You can use these spaces to grow edibles, flowers without having to spend a-lot of money.

You will need the following materials and supplies: Take a complete 8” PVC white rain drain. Split it into 3 pieces 32” each. Make sure you have 6 PVC white drain end caps. You should have with you two 1/8” length steel cables that you can cut to the length you want. You should have 6 Feeney Cross Locks. Purchase two spurred eye hooks. The plants you wish to plant and potting soil. Tape measure. Wireless drill with a set of drill bit. Thick welding eye glasses. Hack saw or hand saw. A level either laser or normal. Permanent marker. A straight edge or T-square.

Follow the instructions: The first thing to do is getting the right measurements on the center of your gutters. Next draw a reference line (this action helps your gutter hang correctly). Now mark and drill the holes in which you’ll pass through the steel cable rods. Use a drill bit that is of similar diameter as the cable that will help you reduce the wiggle room. Space the drill holes several sizes larger to ensure that you achieve good drainage. This will help your plant roots get the best drainage that will help them grow stronger. The next step involves getting a spot which receives in the very least four hours of sunshine. Drill pilot holes (these are holes that are slightly smaller in diameter than screw diameters).  These holes ease the process of screwing the eye hook. Please see to it that the holes you make are of similar distance as the steel cable so that they can easily hang straight down. The next step involves sliding the gutter through the holes and securing them with cross clamps that you have cut into your preferred lengths. The last step involves securing the gutter with cross clamps and using half circle steel rods. Now you are free to fill up your gutter with potting soil and plant your desired shallow rooted plants. Enjoy!!!


gutter-hanging-garden-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: http://weburbanist.com/

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