DIY Handmade Christmas Ornament Using Plastic Cups

Christmas is around the corner and so many projects to do still. Make original Christmas ornaments putting your creativity to work. Let also your kids to help you. Gather all the supplies and materials you need and lets get to work. You will need: transparent plastic cups, a poster board, scissors, batting, miniature trees, people or animals, a little mirror, glue, glitter (what color you love), pushpins,¬†hanging pins. Use a pen and trace the plastic cup rim on the poster board. Use the scissor and cut the circle. Don’t forget to leave 1,8 inch outside the trace line. Cut the batting the same size as the rim of the cup and set it on the circle from the poster board. Make little holes in the batting where you want to put the trees, animals and little figurines. Also use the mirror to make a little pond. Don’t forget to glue the items on the poster board. Use the glitter and sprinkle it on the new “Christmas scene”. Use the pushpin to make a hole on the bottom part of the plastic cup. Use a hanging pin an pass it thorough the hole. Use glue on the edges of the poster board. Turn the cup upside down and press it very gently. Use a ribbon to hang the new ornament on the Christmas tree. Happy Christmas!


Crystal clear plastic, miniatures, Ribbon and creativity

Photo Credit: http://spoonful.com/crafts/winter-wonderland

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