DIY Hard Water Stain Remover

Don’t you hate the stain’s that hard water makes around and on your kitchen sink?! Believe me when I say that I have tried a dozen of products to clean those nasty and disgusting water stains from my sink and no luck!!! So, I started to search other blogs for an answer and I found an answer on “DIY Confessions” blog: DIY homemade hard water stain remover with no chemicals included. To get started you will need: an empty spray bottle, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, dish soap, a sponge. Before you get started take the baking soda and put it on those nasty water stains. Let the baking soda sit for approx 5 minuets then rinse with warm water. Take the spray bottle and fill it half way with vinegar. Add approx 1 / 4 cup of lemon juice. Add also the dish soap up to the top of the spray bottle. You can use what dish soap you like. Shake, shake, shake the bottle. Add the magic mixture on those hard water stains and let it work for half an hour. Take the sponge and scrub, scrub away those disgusting stains.
Now all you have to do is to rinse with warm water and voila!! Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://diyconfessions.com/


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