DIY Healing Heel Crack Salve (Cream)

Having problems with your heels?! You’ve done almost anything to get rid of the heel crack but no result?! Then you will love this DIY homemade project that I found on “Fresh Picked Beauty”: healing heel crack cream. You will love this home remedy. Instead of going to the store and buying different types of creams, better make one at home and you will know all the time the “ingredients” that helped making the heel salve. If you have cracked heels or if these cracks are painful then this salve will help you feel much better. All you have to do is to apply salve on your cracked heels and with a pair of wool socks you will make magic. It is important to know that you can not apply this on broken skin or wounds. What is important to know is that you will have to keep this cream away from kids. Make sure that you never use the essential oils undiluted. If you are facing a very serious medical condition please go and see a professional. Now all we have to do is to head over to  “Fresh Picked Beauty” and discover all the “ingredients” and also all the details so that you can prepare crack heel’s home remedy. Enjoy!!!

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Fresh Picked Beauty – Healing Heel Crack Salve


Home Heel Crack Remedy
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4 Responses to "DIY Healing Heel Crack Salve (Cream)"

  1. patycake007 says:

    This sounds like a wonderful cream but where do you find all those ingredients?

  2. Shannon Buck says:

    I noticed that you have posted my formula for my Healing Heel Crack Salve http://www.freshpickedbeauty.com/2011/10/healing-heel-crack-salve.html. I did not notice that you gave my company credit in your post. I also noticed that you gave my website photo credit on a photograph that I do not own, nor did I post that on my website. Please remove my website from the photo credit. Also, it is common courtesy to credit the formulator and author of a recipe when you put it on your website. I appreciate you sharing the recipe with your readers, but I do expect the appropriate credit back to my website: http://www.FreshPickedBeauty.com

    Shannon Buck
    Fresh-Picked Beauty, LLC

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