DIY Healthy Veggie House

For Christmas we have made an “Biscuit House” and also a “Gingerbread House”. Today’s DIY idea is a little bit different: DIY Veggie House. Yes….. a miniature, cute little house made out of vegetables. An awesome and healthy DIY recipe made out of: carrots, celery, cucumbers, mushroom’s. You will need: lots and lots of baby carrots, celery, turnip,  bamboo skewers, mushroom’s and cream cheese. Prepare the cream cheese using your own recipe. For the base of the house you can use a piece of cardboard. Prepare all of your vegetables: for the front and the back of the home you will need six 8 inches carrot logs. Use a carrot log for the front and the other five for the back. For the sides of lodge you will need eight 5 inches carrot logs. For the front use eight 3 inches carrot logs. The short spacer logs by the front door will be eight 1 and 1/4 inches. To make the window opening on the side use four 1 and a half inches carrot logs. Make the carrot log rafters using three 7 inches carrot logs. For the roof use celery. Cut it in sixteen pieces of 6 up to 7 inches stalks of celery. Make the window of the house using a little slice of turnip. Put all the vegetables together using delicious cream cheese and also toothpicks. For the chimney use also bamboo skewers and make the alley stones using mushroom’s. Also you can discover more veggie ideas by visiting the “Green Giant” blog. Enjoy!!!


veggie-house-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: http://www.greengiant.com/


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