DIY Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs

Want to impress your loved one with the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day idea? Than this is the perfect answer for you: heart shaped hard boiled eggs. So wake up and have an awesome breakfast with heart shaped eggs served with some bacon and buttery toast.

You will need the following ingredients:

– an milk cardboard (you have to cut it into a square size)

– one chopstick

– two rubber bands

– hard boiled eggs


– Start by cutting the milk cardboard and fold the piece of cardboard in half (lengthwise).

– Boil the eggs. Make sure that in the end the eggs are hard.

– Let the eggs to cool of for a little bit. Take the eggshell off. Take the egg and put it on the piece of cardboard, place the chopstick exactly on the center of the egg and add rubber bands at the both sides of the milk cardboard.

– Put the eggs in the fridge for 15 minutes.

– Remove the chopstick. Cut the eggs in half and you have the perfect heart shaped egg that you have ever seen.

– Now all you have to do is to prepare the bacon and buttery toast and have the perfect V Day breakfast. Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://queensjournal.ca

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