DIY Herb Spiral Garden – Tips On How To Build One

Have you ever wonder what its an herb spiral garden?! I know I did, several times. I got online and started to look for herb spiral garden (all details, how its made) and when I saw that it is not so hard I thought to put my hubby a little bit to work and make me a beautify DIY herb spiral garden. But before we get started I want to tell you actually what a herb spiral garden is….. An herb spiral garden its the type of garden where you can: grow lots of plants, herbs in a very small space, grow the herb properly with their needs and soil depth, make your work very easy if you have back problem or any other medical issue that doesn’t allow you to work at a very low level.



 Also, what is best is that when it comes to watering all your plants from the spiral garden and also harvesting, this procedure is very easy. First, before you get started of this DIY idea you will have to decide and trace the place where your garden will be. To make an herb spiral garden you will have to start with the spiral “bed” where you will be planting your herbs and plants. All the spiral “bed” structure is held together with a very strong structure made using rocks or brick or any other type of rock/stone that can absorb the sun heat during the day and keeps the soil warm during the night. After the spiral “bed” has been made and also the rock structure finished all you have to do is to add more soil where is needed and plant different herbs and plants. Enjoy!!!



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