DIY Home Project: Cement Cobblestone Path

Many DIY Ideas are discovered at home when people are tired of seeing the same things over and over again and want to engage in craft projects/home projects that are not too costly. Did you know that fun art projects can bring the family together and everybody can come up with great home ideas that will revolutionize your home? Well, today, we have a wonderful DIY project that you can follow and create something wonderful for your home….


  • two bags of cement
  • a shovel
  • A bucket or water hose
  • A cement mixture
  • rock design frame
  • powdered colour
  • A bag of sand


  • This is a project that you should do during spring/summer. The project will help you enhance the look in your home. Let’s get started then…
  • Use the shovel to clear out a path that you wish to make the cobblestone on. Make sure that you remove any unwanted things such as tree roots, weeds or grass from the path and level it.
  • Now place a form and plan out how the design and how and where the concrete will be placed.
  • After having placed the plan in motion, you should pick the two bags of cement place them in a cement mixture and use a bag of sand and turn on the cement mixture.
  • As the cement mixture is going on, you can tear the bag with the dark colour powder and let it mix with the cement. The dark colour makes your stones look authentic. Just a single bag of colour will be enough.
  • Place the frame, add the cement inside the frame. Make sure that you leave zero air pockets.
  • Now smoothen the concrete inside the frame and throw back the rest inside the concrete bucket.
  • Slowly and carefully lift up the frame and the stones you’ve created will resemble naturally looking rocks.
  • Now repeat the process over and over again till you reach the last position of the path you are creating.


Leave the stones to dry for 24 hours and water them every morning and evening for a period of a week without walking on top of them. This way, you will have created a robust stone path that will add more glam to your home. Enjoy!!!


Cement Cobblestone Path Praktic Ideas


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8 Responses to "DIY Home Project: Cement Cobblestone Path"

  1. Michael says:

    Cool! Do you have any sources for the rock design frame? I was not able to locate one …

  2. Nicola Dean says:

    Hi where can I purchase the cement cobblestone path frame from?

  3. Whitney says:

    Hello, can I lift each rock up after they dry completly to move around and fit them in place?

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