DIY Home Project – Cute Letter Blocks

First thing that you have to make before you get started on this DIY home project is to decide what word would you like to display on the blocks. Also don’t forget to buy coordinating paper (this will help you complement your word) and decide what picture you will want to use. This project is very easy and you will have it ready in no time! You will need the following materials and supplies: depending on the word you want to display you will need the equal number of blocks as the letters from the word, coordinating paper (scrapbook), Mod Podge, printer (you can print in color or black and white), a pair of scissors, foam brush, sandpaper, ink or chalk (distress type) and finishing spray. Also you will need pictures formatted in a very good way to fit the blocks. The best program for that is the “photo wizard”. Decide on the theme that you want on your blocks. Take the coordinating paper and pick it in the way to match the words that you choose. The 12 X 12 inch scrapbook paper is the best. Trim a little bit the paper before you put it into the printer. Do not toss away the scrap paper. Use it to cover the bottom and the top of your blocks. Print he letters for the blocks on the paper that you have selected. Use “Photo Wizard” to make your pictures as the same size as the blocks. Cut the pictures to size. Apply a glue layer on the blocks. Let the glue dry. Take the Mod Podge and apply a layer on one side of the block. Place the picture over the glue and press it very well. After the glue is dry remove any excess paper. Add all the pictures following exactly the same procedure. After all the pictures are on the blocks add also the letter on each block. Add also decorative paper on the top and bottom of the blocks. After all the sides are dry the edges of the block have to be sanded. Use chalk and ink to add a distress look to your blocks. Last but not least add finishing spray on the blocks. Ta da….!!!! Enjoy!!


Family Memory Letter Blocks

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