DIY Home Project: Flower Pot Shaped Cookies

Other than sitting in the house bored out of your mind, why not engage in DIY Ideas to keep your brain functioning properly and learning a set of new skills? There are plenty of fun projects to do at home and keep yourself occupied, busy and stress free. Craft ideas such as DIY Flower Pot Shaped Cookies are wonderful DIY Ideas that are not only fun ideas, you can use to earn an extra buck or two! Or if not make your family and friends a project that they will enjoy eating… Let’s bring this project to life…


  • The cookie cups: 16 oz / twenty four count sugar cookies
  • For the chocolate ganache: a whole cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, half a cup of heavy cream
  • For the toppings: get eight Oreo’s


For the Cookie Cups: start by greasing a mini muffin tin. Afterwards, you should separate the sugar cookie dough and make sure you come up with the 24 pieces and place each and every piece in into the cookie cups. Using your thumb, gentle press the centre of the dough and ensure that you have made a reasonable indentation. Put the cookie cups into the oven and bake them at 375 degrees F for around fifteen minutes or until their edges turn golden brown. You should now use the rounded back of the smallest measuring spoon and create an indention into the cookie cups if it is at all necessary. You can now leave the cookies in the muffin tin and give them adequate time to cool completely. With caution, you should remove the cookie cups from the muffin tin.

 Chocolate Ganache: Bring half cups heavy cream to a boil. Now pour over semi-sweet chocolate chips and accord them a three minute chance to sit there and stir them till they become smooth. You should next fill the cups with Ganache.

 Topping: Proceed and crush the Oreo’s inside either a food processor or a food chopper and carefully sprinkle the chocolate remnants on top of the ganache. Stick through a tooth pick and on top of the tooth pick add a flower cupcake topper. Now your DIY Flower Pot Shaped Cookies are ready to be served. Enjoy!!!



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