DIY Home Project: Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

Just one of those days that you feel bored in the house and you remember that you have not arranged your clothes and your shoes in a long time, but you don’t have the will power to do it. Well you can make things simple by conforming to DIY Ideas and create wonderful fun projects to do at home. Why not go through craft ideas and come with a DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack that will minimize all the energy you use to store away your shoes? Let’s bring this idea to life:

 Materials Needed

  • 9 round plywood discs
  • Both regular and tall divider plywood slabs. Use them for the purposes of dividing 5 discs into several sectors.


  • Start by fixing the regular standard dividers on the four discs and mount the tall dividers on the first disc.
  • Next join every two discs using the regular dividers and top them up using an upper disc.
  • It is very possible to make 2 units by making use of the entire four discs together with the regular dividers.
  • The one disc that comes with the tall dividers needs to be topped up with a disc as this is the piece of material that will form the unit base.
  • Next you should curve a square wood frame like you can see from the photo.
  • On the square feature fix over it a disc. You can use either glue or hammer in some nails or use both methods to fix it into place.
  • The next thing you need to do is do an additional turntable swivel on top and now you can screw in the base unit into position.
  • Add yet another turntable swivel and now attach the second unit on the base’s unit. Using the same procedure continue and add yet another top unit using a swivel on to the second unit.

It’s up to you to leave the unit as it is or proceed and add a nice coat of paint on the compartment edges contrasting black by utilizing a foam mini roller. Now your DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack is ready for your shoes! Enjoy!!!

Lazy Susan Shoe Rack Praktic  IdeasPhoto Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com


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