DIY Home Project: Outdoor Square Fire Pit

Well, its summer time and you know in summer the days are hot but the evenings sometime get a little chilly. To improve your outdoor design and give a beautiful touch to your garden, why not use DIY ideas and make something special for your garden…. Yes, there are plenty of fun projects to do at home including building a DIY outdoor square fire pit. This is just a part of fantastic craft ideas that will help you make a born fire that goes with the modern décor and lifestyles. Put your creativity to work and make a beautiful fire pit just by following a few steps…. and I will bet that everyone will be eager to gather around the fire pit, trade stories and enjoy a beer.

 You will need the following materials: shovel, level, marbles, enough gravel that will fill three inches of dug up hole at the pit’s bottom, patio stones that are almost or slightly above three inches high.

Follow the procedure

First Step – Start by digging a six inch hole in the spot that you see the fire place sitting. A square fire pit is an easy one to create. Now measure where the middle part of the pit will be, push down a piece of stick on this point tie a piece of rope on the stick and start making the radius length of the fire pit. On the other end of the rope, push through another stick and tighten the rope and start making exact marks around the pit and make a square and start digging.

 Second Step – After having dug out six inches deep, the next thing to do is lay down the gravel and fill up the hole up to three inches. This will make it possible for drainage and will also give you a flat surface that you can start laying your stones on.

 Third Step – Begin with laying down the first rows of the stones, be very cautious and see to it that the stones have levelled up. Using a level is a wonderful way to ensure that the pit doesn’t crumble in the future. The best option is to let the first layer of bricks comfortably settle down in the hole. This is a fantastic way of adding structural stability.

 Fourth Step – Start placing the next layers of stones on top of the first layer, where the stones meet. You can alternate and if you wish for the pit to be permanent you can secure the stones with mortar (mixture of sand and cement). Your fire pit will be strong and very sturdy. Wet the stones for four days in a row, every morning before sunrise and after sunset to make sure that the cement holds the stone firmly. Afterwards you can shape the joints you used the cement to hold and have a structure that is straight and firm. Add on to the fire pit a round stove like metal frame that you will be throwing the wood inside, on the outside of the ring fill it with the pebbles you had earlier and your fire place will be done. Now all you have to do is to bring some chairs and a table, invite everyone over and start up the fire. Enjoy!!!

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