DIY Home Project: Vintage Looking Jeans

Who said all great fun art projects must revolve around furniture and the food we eat? There are plenty of DIY Ideas that we can use on other different fields and still make craft projects that are to die for! Home ideas such as DIY vintage looking jeans are DIY projects that everyone should give a try and create some good looking jeans to wear on a Saturday or for an event somewhere. Let’s try to pull this great look with a pair of jeans.

 You will need the following materials:

  • a pair of jeans (preferable a pair that is faded or slightly faded)
  • cheese grater
  • thread pick
  • foot scrub brush

Follow the instructions:

  • Get started by stretching the pair of jeans on your bed or on your crafts table.
  • Use the cheese grater (one that has been washed thoroughly, of-course) and start grating bits of the jeans that you wish to imply the vintage look with.
  • Use the grater on the same spots a few times over. This way, you will have loosened up the material.
  • Get hold of the foot scrub brush and use it for the purpose of tearing away nits of materials on the same spots you used the grater on.
  • Repeat the tearing process on these spots till when the materials on the patches become soft.
  • Switch to the thread pick and start picking out material bits round the patched sections that you created.
  • Your vintage jeans are now ready to be worn! Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: Vintage Looking Jeans


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