DIY Home Projects – Candles Using Cookie-Cutters

Now this is a “double” home project: you will need cookie cutters to make these awesome candles and also once you are done with this DIY project you can reuse these cookie cutters to make delicious cookie.  You will need the following materials and supplies: cookie cutters, a small glass bowl, candlewicks, saucepan ( a small one), parchment paper, candle ends, sheet pan and optional crayons. Simmer water into the saucepan. Take a heat safe glass bowl and place it inside the saucepan. Add the candle ends inside the glass bowl. You have made a “homemade double boiler”. If you want to add some color to your creative candles put pieces of crayons inside the glass bowl. The wax must reach 100˚F. Its time to pour the wax. Take the parchment paper and cover with it the sheet pan. Take the cookie cutters and place them on the sheet tray. Put a candlewick inside each cookie cutter. Its important to know that you are not allowed to work with hot wax. Start pouring the wax into the cookie cutters. Press gently down so that the cookie cutters remains in place. Leave the wax to cool completely. Pop out the candles from the cookie cutters. Use a candle holder or a votive to burn the candles or you will have a very messy place. Enjoy!!


Cookie Cutter Candles

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