DIY Home Projects – Family Photo Luminaries

You will love this heart melting DIY home project: glowing family photo luminaries. Are very easy to make and you can decorate all the corners of your home with them. Or you can use other pictures (beside family ones) and make awesome gifts for your family and friends. So lets put our creative mind to work and make beautiful photo luminaries. You will need the following materials and supplies: blank sheets (vellum – you can buy them from craft stores), a printer (so you can print the photos), tape (double sided), glass (different shapes and sizes) or mason jars. To make it very safe use battery powered candles or tea lights. Print different photos to the vellum blank sheets. Use a scissor and cut the photo so it can fit into the glasses or mason jars. Take the double stick tape and stick the photo inside the glass/jar. Last but not least take the lights and place them inside the new luminaries and your photo’s will glow!! You can add also a little ribbon at the top of the glass/jar to make the luminaries look even more cute. Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.ourbestbites.com

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