DIY Home Projects – Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls

There are so many home creative projects that you can make using recycled materials. And today’s project you will love for sure: DIY wall art using toilet paper rolls. Why toss them away when you can reuse them to make something awesome for your home.

You will need the followings:

– lots and lots of toilet paper rolls

– a pair of scissors

– white glue

– a stapler

– different colors of paint

– brushes

– different colors of glitter

– laundry pins


Start by crushing flat the toilet paper rolls. Take the pair of scissors and start cutting the toilet paper rolls in approx five part. Don’t worry you don’t need to be exact. Prepare your working station on a flat table or desk and cover it with some newspapers. After you’ve cut as many toilet paper rolls as you can its time to make the pattern that you are going to add on your wall. You can try different shapes, sizes and compositions. Use white glue and glue the toilet paper rolls where they are touching and secure them until they dry with laundry pins. Instead of laundry pins you can use an stapler. Paint your decorations in different colors and also add glitter on the wet paint to give it an unique look. Hang it on your wall using very small nails and a hammer. What do you think?! Do you like?! Enjoy!!! Also you can learn to make unusual Christmas decoration from Toilet Paper Rolls



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