DIY Homemade Lilac Slippers

Change the meaning of home slippers with this awesome DIY idea: homemade lilac slippers. Create something original and always remember the summer, even in the cold season with these DIY knitted slippers. What is best is that you do not require fantastic knitting skills in order to make these beautiful lilac slippers. The size slippers is arbitrary and by following the instructions you will have sizes from 37th to 40th. The unique decoration in crochet or embroider flowers from the slippers together with colourful beads will always remember you about summer and those blooming lilac flower with their beautiful scent. So, in order to get all the instructions (material supplies and also full tutorial) you must head over to “All Day Chic” blog and make beautiful DIY lilac slippers. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..


All Day Chic – Lilac Home Slippers – DIY





Photo Courtesy: Homemade Lilac Slippers

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