DIY Idea On How To Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals

Clean your oven very quick and easy with non toxic and chemical free cleaning remedies. Make it clean and sparkly again following our DIY cleaning idea from bellow.

You will need the followings:

– 1 / 3 cup of white vinegar

– half cup of Kosher Salt

– half cup of baking soda

– one cup of water

– a spray bottle

– a razor blade

– scouring pad


Take the spray bottle and mix the vinegar and water inside it. Spray the oven inside and out (oven door) with this “magic” mixture. Use the half cup of Kosher Salt and add over the mixture sprinkling a thick layer. Now take the half cup of baking soda and add it over the salt. Take once again the spray bottle and spray the mixture over the baking soda and salt. It should form a paste. Let it sit for half of hour. Take the scouring pad and start scrubbing a little bit hard. You will see how the crud comes off from your oven. Last but not least take the razor blade and scrape off the remaining crud. Just make sure while you are using the razor blade  the mixture is permanently wet so you do not scratch your oven. Enjoy!!!


oven-cleaner-praktic-ideasPhoto Credit: http://cookitallergyfree.com

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One Response to "DIY Idea On How To Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals"

  1. JosieJo says:

    I came across this looking for an oven cleaning guide and you have made it seem easy compared to some other guides. I usually have my oven done byand I don’t know how they do it but it looks like new. Mine has started getting messy again so I wanted to give it a go myself before it gets too bad. Thanks.

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