DIY Jar Mushroom House

If you have a few jars in the house and they are just sitting pretty and not in use, instead of throwing them away, there are plenty of DIY jar ideas that you can use to bring back your jars to usefulness again. Besides, these are DIY ideas that will leave you feeling proud for doing fun art projects. By following the steps below, you will be able to turn a small canning jar into a cool candle holder. To make a perfect DIY jar mushroom house that stands out, below are the DIY jar ideas you need to follow.

Step One – Use polymer clay to cover up the jar. Roll out the pasta and cover it’s outsides with the clay starting from the bottom going up to the top. To achieve a smooth surface uniformly distribute the polymer clay on the jar and cover it up. Word of caution: after working with polymer clay, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly as the clay can be highly toxic. Or better use a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Now use a knife and cut out 2 to 3 window openings and carve out a door.

Step Two – Now pick another different color of pasta and use it to create the jambs. Take brown paste and use it to model the jambs, model window frames as well as the door. On the door, create a ball that serves as the handle and make sure that you plow the door’s surface and achieve a wood effect.

Step Three – Now incorporate the services of a cookie mold and use it to cut out heart shapes that will be used on the door, these shapes will help in the decoration of the cute house you are designing. Now process the green dough and use it to develop small edge of grass and use the dough to decorate the jar’s base. Take dark green dough and apply it on the jar’s posts. To form leaves and twigs use a knife and small dough pieces. If you are looking to achieve a more realistic look add on it several light green leaves.

Step Four – See its already panning out to one of your fun art projects isn’t it? Now use the polymers and create flowers by using as many colors as you possibly can. This helps the house look beautiful. Remember the jar’s lid serves as the roof. Now cover the lid with red colored pasta and you should then apply white dots on it. This move will make your Jar Mushroom House resemble a mushroom.

Step Five – Relax this is the final DIY Jar Ideas Step: you will need to harden the pasta. Take both pieces (the jar and the lid) and place them in an already pre-heated oven. The oven should be heated up to 130 Celsius degrees and let your lovely project stay in the oven for 30 minutes. Take the two pieces out of the oven and let them cool off If you have the time apply a top coat with vanish. After the jar and the lid cools off eventually you can now pour inside the already melted wax and put the wick in the center. After the wax cools off your candle will be ready, the next thing is to tie a beautiful ribbon around the jar and your project will be complete! Enjoy!!!




Jar Mushroom House

Photo Courtesy: Jar Mushroom House


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One Response to "DIY Jar Mushroom House"

  1. Lisa says:

    I really love these jars a will be making one however I was a little confused reading the instructions. The polymer clay is called pasta most of the time but should be called clay and a pasta machine can be used to roll it out.
    I have been using and teaching the use of polymer clay for 10 years and polymer clay is non toxic. There is no need for gloves and is safe for children to use.

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