DIY Jingle Bells Christmas Tree

You can make a cute and original Christmas decoration for your office or even for your home using a cardboard con and a few jingle bells. Start by going to the craft store or any other store where you can purchase this following supplies: cardboard con (you can also make one), jingle bells (different sizes), glitter spray paint (gold color and blue color) and also white spray paint. You will also need a hot glue gun. Start by gluing the jungle bells onto the cardboard con. You can put the bigger ones at the bottom and the smallest ones at the top or you just can mix them: a big one a small one. Now you can protect your working area with newspapers or you can take the con outside and coat it with a few coats of white spray paint. Use cardboard also to make a few snowflakes for the tree. Spray the snowflakes with glitter blue spray paint. Let everything dry. Glue the snowflakes to the jingle bell tree and your mini jingle bell Christmas tree is finished. Happy Christmas!



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