DIY Kids Toy Drum Using Balloons

To make a toy drum for your kids its not so complicated as you think. This DIY idea is quite simple and it will only take you around 20 minutes. Tho get started on your DIY fun project you will need this following materials and supplies: a piece of material, a plastic cup, scissors, rubber bands, a wooden stick ( or you can use a drumming stick) and balloons (you can use different colors). Using the scissor cut the balloon in half. Take the plastic cup and using rubber bands place the half balloon on the top of the cup (see photo number 3). Use a black spray paint (or any other color) and paint the bottom part of the cup (under the balloon). Make hols on the plastic cup using a stapler and decorate using rubber bands (see photo number 4). Take another balloon and cut it in half. Take the piece of material and stuff it inside of the balloon. Attache this to the wooden stick using rubber bands. And now you have the drumming stick. And ta da! Your little DIY project is all done!! Enjoy!


Easy Toy Drum

Photo Credit: http://www.fabdiy.com

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