DIY King Size Bed Using Wood And Plywood

We all know that somewhere locked in our secret part of our brain we have the creative juices to come up with brilliant DIY Ideas that will help us save a buck or two. Besides, nothing brings us pleasure as much as fun projects to do at home. DIY King Size bed using Wood and Plywood are smart craft ideas that go a long way in helping us release our creative juices and build a bed that will not only please us but also will please your hubby or any other family member that is going to sleep in that bed.

 You will need the following materials: wood, plywood, drill, nail gun, nails, glue, measure tape, level, hammer.


First Step: Build the I-Beams – The very first thing you should start with is the cross section. Begin by building four I beams using three quarters maple plywood at 6 to three quarter inches by 80 half inch. Pick up the caps and place them over the centre of every end of the vertical piece. If you carefully look at the pieces from a side view they will form the I-shape. You should then set the two I-beams aside.

 Second Step: Build the U-Beams – Start by making two U beams by using three quarter inch maple plywood at 6-three quarters by 80 to a half inch. Add the additional caps onto the vertical pieces. Just make sure that this time around the caps have been flushed on one side. By looking at these caps from a side view, they will have formed a U shape. Now place one of the U beams aside.

 Third Step: Frame Assemble – Start putting the frame together by creating the bed frame in two pieces (separate). This move will make it easy when it comes to moving the bed into the bedroom. Start by laying out both the I and the U beam at the end and flush the sides facing outside. Place an I beam, 11 and a quarter inches from the U beam and pick the second I beam and place it at 12 and a half inches on the middle from the former.

 Fourth Step: Attach Cap Pieces and Beams – Pick up one of the facing beams and place it across the end of the U and I beams. Use wood glue to secure it in place, strengthen this bond by nailing in a few nails. At the opposite end, repeat the same process. Now pick up two remaining cap pieces and attach them in between the beams that are facing each other. Place one cap at the top and the other cap at the bottom.

 Fifth Step: Attach Vertical Piece – Pick up the centre vertical piece and attach it on its open end. You should then secure into place the two cap pieces that you added a little earlier. Repeat the same steps to create a second matching frame. After you are done, you should consider painting the outer side of the frame with the colour you desire most.

 Sixth Step: Make the Bed Trim – To create the bed’s trim, make three inch rabbet cut at one and a half inches deep. On the side pieces, you should begin with two inches from one end and carefully cut eighty eight inches down on one particular side of the trim piece. From the opposite end you should stop short of six inches. From the foot trim piece, see to it that the rabbet cuts all the way down on one side. The next step is to paint the trim to with the colour your prefer most.

 Seventh Step: Attach Platform Pieces – Curve out the platform pieces and attach these pieces on the side platforms on both the frame pieces by using countersink screws. Now you can go ahead and paint the platform edges.

 Eight Step: Assembling the Bed Frame – Start by adding the trim by placing the rabbet cut over the platforms edge ensuring that the trim becomes flush with the platform. The trim ought to stick out six inches from the bed frame’s foot. You should now drill pilot holes from below the trim and attach them with countersink screws.

 Ninth Step: Attaching Frame Pieces – After having attached the trim, you should now pick two frame pieces and again attach the two together at the centre by using countersink screws.

 Tenth Step: Attaching Centre Platform – Now your project is almost complete. All you need now is to attach the centre platform into place and use the countersink screws to attach it into position. Enjoy!!!

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