DIY Knitted Scarf (No Knitting Needles Required)

Fun art projects can be done at home. Many DIY Ideas that are coming up require us to do very little but end up creating a wonderful project. Craft projects such as DIY Knitted Scarf (No Knitting Needles Required) is something that you can do to create a beautiful scarf by your own. Craft Ideas help us make interesting things that not only look good on us but useful ideas that we can use to rake in an income.

You will need the following materials:

  • A ball of Yarn


Follow the instructions:

  • Start by making a row of stiches. To do this, create a long tail that is about 8 feet long. Tie a slip knot.
  • The slip knot will be your first stitch. Make sure that it isn’t too tight on your arm.
  • Now take the tail of the yarn that is not connected to the ball of yarn. Wrap it around your thumb.
  • Take the active yarn (the one connected to the ball of yarn) and wrap it around the second and third fingers (the fingers following the thumb) you should know have a structure that resembles tulips.
  • Take the free hand and pas it under the thumb loop, pass it over the index and middle finger loops and finally back under again the thumb loop.
  • You have created the first stich. Repeat the same process again, until you make fourteen stitches.

 The Knitting Process

  • Hold the active yarn in your hand. Pull the first stitch over the active yarn. Put the stitch and the active yarn in your other arm (wrist).
  • Continue holding the active yarn in your other hand (the hand that you have the remaining stitches on).
  • Start pulling every stitch over the active yarn on to the other hand till all the stitches have been transferred to the other hand.
  • You will have created the first row of stitches.
  • Repeat the steps above with the opposite hand and create the second row.
  • Repeat the steps over and over again till you reach a point where you believe you have created the perfect scarf size.

 Closing the Loop

  • Take the active yarn, pass it through one stitch, and pass it through a second stitch. Pass the active yarn over a third stitch and make a slip knot.
  • Cut off the active yarn. If you wish, you can weave the two ends together and your scarf will be complete… Enjoy!!!


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Photo Courtesy: http://www.handimania.com

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