DIY Light Bulb Art

Nowadays, it’s all about recycling and finding ways of re-purposing old stuff that we never have any more use of. If you have an incandescent bulb that is broken, there is no need of throwing the bulb away but rather come up with creative ways to give these bulbs another use and lease in life. Moreover, trash bulbs become difficult to disentangle it naturally as it is not a bio degradable substance, since light bulbs have been made from many chemicals and glass. This goes to say that without proper disposal, light bulbs become a bad and negative impact for the environment and the living organisms occupying this planet. Fortunately, it is now possible to use light bulbs as part of decorations in your home. You can now turn light bulbs into vases with flowers or perhaps use them to make modern lamps. Further, light bulbs will comfortably fit in different spaces and exude out interesting appearances. Below are a few but stylish ideas on how you can use your light bulbs to achieve these rather wonderful and interesting decoration concepts.

 The Bulb Oil Lamp – Have you ever thought of creating an oil lamp that is made from light bulbs? Well there is an artist by the name of Sergio Silva that makes a killing form making such art and sells it for a cool $650. Fortunately, you can make your own Bulb Oil Lamp. All you need to have is two burnt out light bulbs, purchase some paraffin oil, buy a single long wick, a smooth piece of wood, 12 cheap neodymium magnates and black gloss paint. Make sure that of the twelve magnets, 8 are small cylindrical magnets and there are two spherical and two cylindrical magnets. To make the lamp look grand, see to it that the two black pieces found at the base of the bulb are intact, so carefully remove the whole base. Use a screw driver and slowly and cautiously break the glass that holds the filament. After carefully making the bulb, take the wick and cut a piece that will fit into the bulb and only leave a size able part of the wick hanging out for purposes of lighting and producing the desired light. Take the paraffin oil, pour in inside the un-broken bulb glass and fill it half way. Your bulb oil lamp should be place on the piece of wood use the magnate to hold the two bulbs together and in position to avoid them toppling over. Light up the wick and you shall have two separate lights from the two different light bulbs.



Photo Credit: http://www.instructables.com/

 Homemade Light Bulb Vase – Clear the bulb insides and wash it carefully till it remains crystal clear. On top of the bulb where there is a piece of metal in circular form, carefully drill two holes one on either end. Now select the kind of flower you plan on placing in your vase and hold it into position with two tiny but strong pieces of wood that will hold your flower into position. Tie the vase on a branch of a tree just outside the window for support, or in your living room and place it strategically on top of the hearth where it will hold and give the room more ambiances. Try the vase look with several more different flowers and bulb vases. Enjoy!!



Photo Credit: http://stylingandinspiration.blogspot.ro/ 



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