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Today, beside the “classic” use of zippers you can use them in so many other ways. You can make different accessories from zippers like: bracelets, hair flowers and I know that if the accessories are done well it will look amazing. This new idea that we are bringing will show you how to make a zipper rose.

You will need the following supplies and materials:

  • 30 inch upholstery zipper
  • Scissors
  • Low-melt hot glue gun


First of all you have to cut the ends off the zipper and remove the moving part. Squeeze a small strip of glue on one end, and roll the zipper two times. Create petals by folding the zipper into a point and gluing petal in place.  Form petals continuously in a triangular pattern around the center. You can use two different color zippers: one darker 1/2 inch wide and one lighter 5/8 inch wide. The extra 1/8 inch made it much easier to form the petals without the fabric coming loose or having gaps.



Photo Source: Zipper Rose



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