DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Nail Polish

Lost track of the DIY Easter project that I’ve posted so far. Bringing another one to you: Easter eggs using nail polish. I found this awesome DIY idea on the “Henry Happened” blog. Have you tried this DIY idea yet?! If not, then its time!!! This DIY project is awesome and by the time you are done you will have lots of original and also colourful Easter eggs.

You will need the following materials and supplies: lots and lots of eggs (you can use boiled eggs or you can use empty eggs), nail polish (choose many, many shades), plastic cups, toothpicks, a pair of rubber gloves, ribbons.

Follow the instructions: As I said you can use boiled eggs and also empty eggs. If you are using empty eggs you have to empty them first. Use a needle and make two holes in the egg: one on the top side and one on the bottom side. Blow the egg content out. Fill the plastic cup with water. Make sure that the water is at room temperature. If the water its not at room temperature the nail polish won’t “stick” to the eggs. Take the different shades of nail polish and drop them in the water. Very important: if the nail polish sinks the water temperature is not right. Use the toothpicks and “swirl” the water and nail polish. Use the pair of gloves. Take the egg and hold it between the fingers. Dunk the egg in the plastic cup. Leave it for a few second. Take it out using your fingers!! You can use an egg carton and lay the eggs there so that the nail polish will dry. Decorate a cute Easter basket with these original nail polish Easter eggs. If you want to make an cute Easter tree, all you have to do is to take a piece of ribbon and with the help of an needle pass the ribbon through the egg holes making a knot at the bottom.  Enjoy!!!



Easter eggs painted with nail polish

Photo Credit: “Henry Happened” blog


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