DIY Memories In A Jar

How can we keep and remember stories, details from the past if not with photos. Nowadays we take photo to almost anything and almost anywhere: to our pets, the food that you had on lunch, family vacation. But instead of keeping them in those classic photo albums somewhere on the back of an drawer why not them an unique, or antique or even an creative look y using jars in different shapes and sizes. All you need for our DIY memories in a jar project is: jars (different shapes and sizes), photos, ribbons and different objects related to the memories you want to keep: pebbles, snails, shells, sand, butterflies, flowers. Remove all labels from the jars by washing them with hot soapy water. Wipe them with an towel. Add sand on the bottom of the jar. Add two or three photos (depending on the size of the jar). Surround the photos with shells, pebbles or other objects that you love and that will bring back memories over the years. Add the lid of the jar and tie a colored ribbon on the top of the jar. And voila!!! You can also preserve your memories just by using olive oil. Fill the jar with olive oil, add branches and dried flowers and also a black and white photo (it will give an vintage look). Close the lid. Enjoy!!!




Photo Credit: http://fancylifecorner.com

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