DIY Mittens Using An Old Sweater

Here is a super quick idea for you: make mittens from an old sweater, preferably from wool because it is very warm. This winter project will take you only about 15 minutes.

You will need the following materials:

– an old sweater

– chalk

– scissors


Flip the sweater inside out. Put your hand on the sweater. This way you will know how long you want the glove to be. Use the chalk to trace around your hand and don’t forget to leave lots of extra room for a seem tolerance. Make sure to make the thumb actually bigger. The “trick” is to open your thumb a little when you draw the line to stitch. Cut out the mitten shape. Trace this shape on the other part of the sweater, so that the gloves are equal, and cut. Sew using an machine. Flip the glove so the right parts are out. And now you have warm mittens for the winter.

Mittens From A Sweater

Photo Source: DIY Mittens Using An Old Sweater

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