DIY Nail Art – Reindeers

Want to have a special Holiday manicure but you don’t have the inspiration to make one?! No problem. You will learn! Just following the few steps bellow you will be in no time an expert in making a reindeer nail art. Just follow this DIY idea and don’t forget to have fun. You will need: a base coat, a top coat, a dotting tool and the following colors: white, brown, black and red polish. First of all you have to apply the base coat. After drying apply white polish as a base color. Take the brown polish and at the tip of your nail make a circular shape. Take the dotting tool and create the reindeer ears also with the brown polish. Don’t forget that your reindeer will have antlers too. Use a very thin dotting tool and make the two little antlers. This will come out of the top of the reindeer head. Make two large dots using the dotting tool and white polish. After drying use black polish to make the reindeer pupils inside the white dots. Make the little cute nose using red polish and dotting tool. After drying apply the top coat and you awesome nail art is finished! Enjoy!


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