DIY Nail Project: Chic Mod Mani Nail Art

DIY Ideas are literary all over the internet to help us create craft projects that are not only inexpensive but ideal. These home projects have helped many and continue to help us rediscover our creative selves. DIY projects cover a wide base and today, we want to help you involve yourself in fun art project that will help you discover how to do great manicure by incorporating simple home ideas. These ideas that are cost effective and will help your nails look chic. Let us try the DIY Chic Mod Mani Nail Art technique…

 You will need the following materials:

  • A bowl of Luke warm water
  • One lemon sliced into several rings
  • Nail polish (the four shades in the picture)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Soft nail washing brush
  • Nail/finger partition
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Clear tape


Follow the instructions:

  • Start by dipping the lemon slices in the Luke warm water. Use the nail polish remover with a piece of cotton wool to clean your nails removing any nail polish you had earlier on.
  • Now dip your hands in the bowl with Lemon water and use the soft brush to wash your nails clean.
  • Take a dry cloth and dry your arms. Use the finger partition to separate/steady your fingers.
  • Apply the first shade of purple that will act as the base coat. Leave it to dry.
  • Cut out a sizeable piece of tape that will cover three quarters of your nail and on the uncovered section, apply the next shade of nail polish (a darker shade of purple) and leave it to dry.
  • Please follow the instruction in the picture.
  • Afterwards, take out the clear tape and use the pair of scissors to cut yet another piece of clear tape that will cover almost the whole nail but leave out 1/8 part of the nail exposed.
  • Use the next shade of nail polish on this exposed part. Leave it to dry.
  • Now take off the clear tape and using the pair of scissors cut three pieces of thin tape that will cover the nail leaving out a section that the third and final nail polish color will go.
  • Follow the picture and apply this shade on the precise location and to the precise length.
  • Leave your nail polish to dry. Now you have created the perfect Chic Mod Mani Nail art. Repeat the above steps on every finger and toe if you want! Enjoy!!!


Chic mod mani nail art praktic ideas


Photo Courtesy: http://www.teenvogue.com

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