DIY Napkin Shaped Like A Christmas Tree

When you are preparing for the Christmas dinner you want to have everything made perfect. So, if you are decorating all the house and also the Christmas table (glasses, centerpiece, Christmas candles) why not decorate a little bit also the plates from the table. Why not learn how to make napkins shaped like a Christmas tree. It’s for Christmas, right?! The best color for the napkins will be green but if you want to use other colors there is no problem. Start the “tree shaping” with a green square napkin. In order to form a smaller square fold it twice. Take each napkin layer and fold it up to the top. Don’t forget that each fold has to have one inch between. Secure with your fingers the folds you have made and flip quickly¬†over the napkin. By bringing the right and the left sides together you will have formed a triangular right at the top of the napkin. Align gently the panels top. Now you have to flip once again the napkin. Bring the top layer to the top so you can form a little peak. You have to make this “operation” for every layer. Last but not least take the tip and tuck it underneath the fold, right on top of it. And your master piece is done!! Place the tree napkin on a plate and use a little Christmas decoration and make the peak of the tree. Ho Ho Ho!


How to Fold a Christmas Tree Napkin

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