DIY Napkin Shaped Like A Little Polo Shirt

Want to impress your hubby or father for this year “Father’s Day”?! Then you will need to make this next DIY idea. A original but at the same time creative idea that will impress for sure when he will be seating at the next breakfast, brunch, dinner… and so on!! You get the idea!!!  In order to get started with this DIY napkin project you will need napkin’s made from material or from paper. I think the one’s from material are much better so first take out your iron and do a little ironing.

Instructions: Take the napkin and place it face down. All corners must be folded to the centre. Take the left edge and fold it to the centre and after that do the same with the right edge. Take the napkin and turn it over. Now you must fold approx. one inch from the top of the napkin. You will have to turn the napkin over once again. Take the top corners and fold each one diagonally and also inward to the centre of the napkin. You have made the collar of the polo shirt. Each bottom flap must be lifted and also folded outward. You have made the sleeves. The sleeves must be parallel to the collar. Now all you have to do is to take the entire bottom half and fold it upward. Don’t forget to tuck this part under the collar flaps and your napkin shaped like a little polo shirt is done!!! Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://thehomeworksco.blogspot.ro/


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