DIY Natural Blackhead Remover

How can we get rid of blackhead’s without having to spend a lot of money on expensive treatments?! Easy: making your very own DIY natural blackhead remover. Very easy to make you will only need three ingredients: one egg white, half tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon. Put the egg white into a bowl. Mix / beat the egg white until it becomes frothy. Add also the honey and cinnamon. Mix all “ingredients” together very well. Clean your face with water. Smear the blackhead mixture on your fresh clean face. Let the mixture dry for three minutes. After the mixture is dry clean it of from your face using a clean cloth. Now you have a perfectly clean face with no blackhead’s on. For another natural idea to remove blackhead’s you will need: half of lemon mixed with 4-5 drops of honey. Place the mixture and rub the affected area. Leave the lemon and honey on for 5-7 minutes. Rinse very well with cold water.  Enjoy!!!



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  1. Blackhead extractor says:

    My mum told me NOT to use pore strips. They strip and enlarge your pores and do more harm to your pores than help.
    I would like to try lemon/honey though.

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