DIY Natural Pancake

In our days most of us try to eat healthy and also bio. This is how food that doesn’t need processed materials was “born”. This non-cooked food is very low in calories and also gluten free. You will learn today how to make natural pancakes. You will need: one banana, two eggs, coconut oil (you can use spray) also strawberry’s or raspberry’s. Take the two ingredients (banana and eggs) and add the in a bowl. Make sure that the banana is cut into thin and small slices. This way it will be easier to smash the banana together with the eggs. Put a few drops of coconut oil into the cooking pan. Keep the pan on a low heat. Use the spoon and add a scoop from the mixture into the pan. Let the pancake approx 30 seconds on one side and 30 on the other. You can use strawberry’s or raspberry’s to decorate. Also you can use some chocolate!!! Enjoy!



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