DIY New Bench Using Old Headboards

Many DIY Ideas are created from craft projects most of them being home projects that people do when they are just at home. Many DIY projects are also fun art projects that people result to come up with wonderful home ideas that are unique and very pleasing to the eye. In this spirit, we introduce to you wonderful DIY ideas such as DIY new bench using old headboards. This is a project that will make you use stuff that you would have thrown away and create something useful. What a wonderful way to save the planet! Let’s create this wonderful bench…

 You will need the following materials and supplies:

  • two head boards (the top side headboard and the back side)
  • a nail gun
  • nails
  • tape measure
  • hammer
  • saw
  • paint
  • painting brush

Follow the instructions:

  • The big headboard will be used as the back of the bench so it will be left intact.
  • The smaller head board will be used as the sides of the bench and you will need to use the tape measure and measure two equal halves.
  • Take the saw and cut out these two halves.
  • Use the nail gun or hammer and screw the two halves on either side of the headboard to form the arm rest of the bench and the side panels.
  • The bed you took the headboards from has still two long pieces of wood which formed the side of the bed. Take one long piece, use the tape measure and the saw to create a perfect fit for the front piece of your bench.
  • Use a hammer or nail gun and nail it to the two sides of the arms and your bench will start taking shape.
  • Now the pieces of wood left should all be cut into equal pieces that will form the seating area of the bench.
  • Use the hammer and nails or nail gun to nail the pieces of wood neatly arranged in a stack.
  • Your bench is ready and solid. However there is still a final step. You can paint the bench in the colour that you want and leave it to dry for twenty four hours or more. Now you have a brand new bench from materials that you would have discarded off. Enjoy!!!


Headboard reused as Bench Praktic IdeasPhoto Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com

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